2014 KAB Survey

The 2014 KAB Survey asks policy makers about policies on Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity in three POWER UP! regions, Alberta, Québec and the Northwest Territories.

In the KAB survey, both policy makers and members of the public share their knowledge about reducing risk factors for chronic diseases and cancer:

  • we asked respondents to rank their preference for different kinds of healthy public policies
  • we polled participants as to whether society should be responsible for chronic disease and cancer prevention
  • policy makers were able to share information on their understanding of health promotion and how active they consider their organizations to be in that area

The KAB Survey drew a balanced number of responses from three survey regions of Alberta, Québec, and the Northwest Territories. The policy makers who completed an email survey include representatives from local or provincial governments, human resource managers in large workplaces, members of school boards, and print media editors or health reporters. The members of the public included an equal balance of men and women over 18 years of age who completed the KAB survey by telephone.

Pie Graph KABIn 2014, our policy maker sample consisted of 108 people from Alberta, 100 from Québec, and 23 from the Northwest Territories, for a total sample of 231 participants. Our sample of members of the public consisted of 500 individuals from Montréal, 400 from Calgary, Edmonton, Yellowknife, other parts of Alberta, other parts of the Northwest Territories, and other parts of Québec; and 300 from Québec City, for a total sample of 3200 participants.

With the recent completion of the survey, comprehensive analysis and presentation of results is now underway. We will post links to POWER UP! KAB survey research articles here as they are published.

If your organization is interested in learning more about the POWER UP! KAB Survey, its results, or if you would like to use this research for your own health promotion related policy, please contact the POWER UP! team to discuss how we can help put this information to work for you.

You can also follow the release of POWER UP! KAB Survey results via our Twitter (POWERUP_CLASP) and Facebook feeds (POWER UP).