About Our Tools

Policy work is a long road, which requires a sustained effort.
It is often about small, incremental changes and successes. When it all comes together, the positive impact for the population as a whole is well-worth the effort.

We have developed a number of evidence-based tools and toolkit packages to help you learn strategies to encourage adoption of healthy public policy in the places you live, work and play:

Policy Readiness Tool

Public RecreationTake the policy readiness tool to determine your community’s policy readiness for change. Identify strategies for facilitating policy change based on your results.

About the Tool

Consensus Conference Recommendations
Access POWER UP! Consensus Conference Recommendations here:

Consensus Conference on Healthy Food Procurement and Nutrition Standards in Public Facilities

Use our toolkits to support municipal policy adoption and implementation around a range of topics aimed at promoting health and well-being:

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Toolkit: School Zone and Nutrition

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.33.48 PMToolkit: Free Drinking Water