About the Survey


Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs

How do the perspectives of policy makers and the public translate into healthy public policy?

POWER UP! is conducting a pan-Canadian Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs (KAB) Survey. The KAB survey measures the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of policy makers and members of the public on obesity-related policy concerning chronic disease and cancer prevention.

Why is this important?
Understanding policy makers’ ideas and public opinions around obesity can help identify pathways to support evidence-based decision-making.

To date we have surveyed over 3400 policy makers and member of the public across Alberta, Québec, and the Northwest Territories. The first POWER UP! survey was completed in 2014 and a follow-up survey will be conducted in 2016.

2014 Survey Summary

The 2014 survey measured support for policy options to improve healthy eating and physical activity. Read more