January 2016 – the first annual 2015 Report Card on Healthy Food Environments and Nutrition for Children and Youth for the province of Alberta has been released! See the Report Card here. You can read the media reactions here.


November 2015 – the 2nd edition of the POWER UP! newsletter will be released later this month. Subscribers will receive first access to our newest tools and resources, which will be announced on the website a few weeks after the newsletter release.

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October, 2015 – several of the POWER UP! staff and students attended the annual INSIGHTS ’15 conference held by the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta.

This conference provides an opportunity to bring together staff and students to share knowledge and research accomplishments.

Our posters and abstracts from this year can be found here:

Insights_Economic Incentives_Oct22.THUMB

Ferguson, A., Atkey, K., Campbell, E., Nykiforuk, C. I. J., Raine, K. D. 2015. Impact of economic incentives on sales and consumption of healthier food, and body weight: An evidence synthesis. {click on image to view}



Elizabeth.Campbell.Oral Pres.INSIGHTS2015

Elizabeth Campbell, student, presented an overview of policy diffusion and her research related to provincial daily physical activity policies in schools across Canada. The title of her oral presentation was: Understanding the Daily Physical Activity Policy Diffusion Process in Canadian Provinces, and the abstract can be found here.



Dr. Kim Raine, Dr. Soultana Macridis and CLASP/APCCP’s Kayla Atkey also presented at INSIGHTS ’15. Abstracts from their oral presentations can be found here:

Dr. Kim Raine: Trends in Appetite for Policy Change for Obesity Prevention: Canadian Views 2009-2014. Authors: Raine, K. D., McGetrick, J. A., & Nykiforuk, C. I. J.  view abstract here

Dr. Soultana Macridis: A Canadian Report Card on Children’s Food Environments and Nutrition. Authors: Macridis, S., Olstad, D. L., Nykiforuk, C. I. J., & Raine, K. D. view abstract

Kayla Atkey: The Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention and POWER UP!: Facilitating Healthy Public Policy in the Environments Where we Live, Work and Play. Authors: Atkey, K., Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention and POWER UP! CLASP team. view abstract

September, 2015 – Our first newsletter was launched, featuring toolkits to Support Municipalities. We also posted the majority of our Evidence Reviews (or Syntheses) on the site. With our Evidence Syntheses, we have taken the time to gather the most up-to-date, Canada-specific evidence on a variety of topics. You can view them here.

August, 2015 – POWER UP!’s Dr. Candace Nykiforuk is recognized by the University of Alberta for research excellence. She is awarded the 2015 Martha Cook Piper Research Prize.

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ISBNPA conference 2015

June 6, 2015, Edinburgh 2015 ISBNPA conference (International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity). Dr. Dana Olstad presented our Daily Physical Activity Policy work, as well as Dr. Kim Raine, who presented preliminary work on our Children’s Food Environments and Nutrition Report Card.

Dr. Olstad’s Diffusion work is available here –> Abstract and Poster

The link to a pdf of Dr. Raine’s poster is here –> Poster

May 2015
The Community Scholar Award

Dr. Candace Nykiforuk is committed to community-engaged scholarship in public health and builds and nurtures strong collaborations with local, provincial, and national partners, making key contributions to the health of our communities. Continue reading the article: SOURCE: Community Scholar Award, University of Alberta

April 29, 2015 18:00 ET

TopKim Raine Obesity Researchers Honoured at 4th Canadian Obesity Summit

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – April 29, 2015) – Two of Canada’s top health researchers were recognized by the Canadian Obesity Network (CON) today for their innovative efforts in advancing the understanding of obesity prevention and treatment.

Dr. Kim Raine, professor at the Centre for Health Promotion Studies at the University of Alberta and a founding member of CON, received the network’s fourth Distinguished Lecturer Award for her investigations into the social and environmental determinants of obesity in Canada. Her contributions to obesity prevention research and practice have made significant impacts at the local, provincial and national levels. In her most recent role as principal investigator in the POWER UP! project (Policy Opportunity Windows: Enhancing Research Uptake in Practice), Dr. Raine is researching the underlying social and economic drivers of unhealthy eating and physical inactivity.

“I’m extremely honoured to receive this award,” Dr. Raine said. “Previous recipients are my mentors and have inspired my work. Coming from the field of health promotion, my goal is prevention of obesity and associated chronic diseases. My team’s research explores ways to intervene at the population level to make Canada, and society, a place where the healthier choice is the easier choice.”

“My team’s research has demonstrated that food environments have become increasingly difficult to navigate. Our goals are to level the playing field and empower consumers to resist powerful forces such as marketing and inequitable pricing strategies that make unhealthy food so attractive and readily available. I’m inspired by the promise of social change for reversing the obesity epidemic.”

everactive-logoDr. Kim Raine’s involvement with Ever Active Schools, a provincial initiative designed to help create healthy school communities has resulted in a downloadable presentation here, entitled: Creating Food Environments that Support Healthy Eating: moving beyond schools to communities

And a video: