Evidence Review

We gather evidence to help communities, professionals, and decision-makers better understand the policy process and to successfully carry out policies to prevent obesity.
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Sugar TaxTaxation of Sugar Sweetened Beverages
The influence of taxing sugar sweetened beverages on beverage consumption and body weight.

Fruits and vegetables on a supermarket shelf.Healthy Food Procurement
The impact of healthy food procurement policies / programs and nutrition standards on sales, intake, and availability of healthier food and body weight status.

Economic Incentives
Evidence is summarized for the impact of economic incentives on the sale and consumption of healthier foods, as well as BMI or body weight outcomes.


Students Collecting Healthy Lunch In CafeteriaSchool Food
The influence of school food policies on fruit and vegetable intake and body weight. 

ChildcareChildcare PA and nutrition
Examining the impact of physical activity and nutrition policies and interventions in childcare and preschool settings.

Physical Activity at SchoolSchool Physical Activity
Examining the impact of school physical activity related policies and interventions on student physical activity levels, sedentary behaviours, and body weight outcomes.

46HPromotion of PA in Non-Urban Settings
Exploration of the literature on physical activity and the built, physical, and natural environment in non-urban settings.

46HCommunity Gardens and Local Food Procurement
Evidence synthesis on the impact of community gardens and local food procurement programs on healthy eating and physical activity.

46HFront-of-Package, Shelf, and Menu Labelling for Obesity and Chronic Disease Prevention
Evidence synthesis on the impact of Front-of-Package, Shelf, and Menu Labelling for Obesity and Chronic Disease Prevention.




To learn more about policies relevant to obesity prevention, we recommend visiting the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC)’s Prevention Policies Directory.

Policy Directory logoThe Directory is a freely-accessible online database of policies relating to cancer and chronic disease prevention, many of which address obesity prevention. It allows users to search by risk factor, jurisdiction, geographical location, and document type and provides summaries and direct access to  policy documents.