Policy Readiness Tool


The Policy Readiness Tool: Assessing Readiness for Policy Change

The purpose of the Policy Readiness Tool (available in English and French) is to help encourage the adoption of healthy public policy within communities and organizations.

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The communities in which we live, work, and play (e.g., municipalities, neighbourhoods, schools or workplaces) have a significant influence on our health. By encouraging the development of healthy policies in these settings, we can play a powerful role in building healthier environments for everyone.

Before you work with a community or organization to encourage policy change, it is important to understand the level of readiness for policy change. This will enable you to tailor your advocacy strategies to the community or organization that you are working with.

The Policy Readiness Tool is a self-administered questionnaire that can be used to assess a community or organization’s readiness for policy change. Tied to the questionnaire is a series of strategies for working with communities or organizations at different stages of readiness for policy change and a resource list for more information.

Who should use the Policy Readiness Tool?

  • policy practitioners
  • advocates
  • community organizations
  • community members
  • school boards
  • municipalities
  • anyone interested in encouraging healthy public policy development