We gather evidence and resources to support policy
for a healthier Canada

How can POWER UP! help you?

group lineCreating healthy public policy is the most efficient way to make positive changes to the environments in which you live, work and play. Here is how you can make a positive change:

Untitled designLEARN: Start with information about Canada-specific obesity prevention policy

POWER UP! has developed a one-stop-shop with evidence and tools for promoting health and well-being through policy.

Untitled design (1)DISCOVER: How others are creating a healthy community

Explore our toolkits to learn how municipalities can take action by adopting policy to promote health and reduce obesity risk.

Untitled design (2)ASSESS: Are you ready for policy change?

Our Policy Readiness Tool can be used by decision-makers, community practitioners and the public to assess policy readiness.
It can also be used to identify strategies for policy change.

Untitled design (3)UNDERSTAND: How does policy spread?

Learn from our policy diffusion work to understand how policies turn into effective action (and how they spread across jurisdictions).