School Daily Physical Activity Policies

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, contributing to improved physical and mental health, and chronic disease prevention.

In Canada, children are becoming more inactive and are at increased risk of obesity and chronic disease.

One intervention strategy to address childhood physical inactivity is to adopt school-based daily physical activity (DPA) policies. These policies set guidelines and requirements for students to meet a minimum standard of physical activity each day.


  • Several Canadian provinces have adopted DPA policies, however it is not clear why others have not
  • There is limited research on whether these policies have been implemented and have achieved their intended outcomes

To understand the processes underlying adoption and diffusion of Canadian provincial/territorial DPA policies, POWER UP! has systematically reviewed the evidence about their implementation and impact. Check out our diffusion timeline to learn more:

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The diffusion timeline was adapted from the following publication:

Physical Activity at SchoolOlstad, D. L., Campbell, E. J., Raine, K. D., & Nykiforuk, C. I . J. (2015). A multiple case history and systematic review of adoption, diffusion, implementation and impact of provincial daily physical activity policies in Canadian schools. BMC Public Health 2015, 15:385.

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